Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Well here goes nothing

Today I decided to start blogging on what will be my personal experience in prepping for whatever the future may throw at me.  I don't think on December 21 of this year the world is going to end, or that zombies will come for me, but I do believe that we live in very uncertain times on a planet that is vastly overcrowded and does not produce enough food to feed everyone on it.  I know I live in a country that has been having some serious economic issues and that my family has felt those issues.  My ultimate goal is to be totally self sufficient and you get to watch me get there from the beginning.

Right now we rent a home in Texas near the gulf.  We just moved here from California because my husband finally found a job so I am a bit late getting a garden together for my canning year .I can't dig up the yard to grow my garden because my landlord says no plus we live in a HOA and they are pretty picky about what we can do.  So as of today I have basil, mint, oregano and an aloe vera plant started in pots in the back yard.  Not much but it's a start.

Part of prepping for me will be to get a decent stockpile of food, water, vitamins and knowledge together so that if anything should happen I can care for my family long enough to see them through it.  As I live in hurricane country going without electricity is a real problem.  With that in mind my first goal is to get 3 days worth of food, water and clothing set aside for every one living in my house (there are 4 of us) and for my 2 dogs.  That's it!  That's my first goal.  I have others of course that include expanding the amount of food, water and other things, growing my own food, finding a piece of property I can begin to set up, etc etc.  So stick with me while I learn and grow.  Teach me if you can and I will hopefully teach you as well.  Here we gooooooo.......

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