Saturday, August 18, 2012


I think the website I am going to start off sharing with you is .  He is exactly what I think a self sufficient prepper should be. I have been listening to this podcast for around 4 years.  I can remember when he was recording his podcasts while driving to work every morning. Jack Spirko is the gentleman’s name and he is really a smart cookie.  He can get a bit extreme in a couple of his views but I think if you really listen you will find he has good reasons for it.  A new podcast comes out almost daily each packed with so much useful information.  Go check out his website, he has a very informative forum with some really great members.  You can rummage through his podcast archives and find something on anything you want to know. He has some wonderful YouTube videos on permaculture and other stuff.  I recently found out he had an app made for his podcasts so you can listen to them right on your phone. 

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