Monday, August 20, 2012

8 easy steps for folding a napkin

Having the in-laws over for dinner or just want to fancy up a dinner for two.  Just  follow these easy steps.

1. Lay napkin down seamed side up.

2. Pull up one corner and bring it diagonally to its opposite corner.  It may not line up exactly but it should still work.  It should look like a triangle at this point.  Pretty easy so far huh?  

3.  Pull up left corner to middle corner and crease by just running your hand along the seams.  

4.  Pull up right corner to middle corner and crease.  Your napkin should now look like a diamond with a line up the middle.

5. Flip entire napkin up side down. Still looks like a diamond.  Are you still with me?  Trust me, do this a couple times and you will never forget how.  

6.  Pull up the bottom part of the diamond and bring it to it's opposite end and crease down the middle. Looks like a triangle again.  So easy!  See that little gap right there?  That's going to be the fancy part of this whole folding thing.

7. Fold napkin in half along that little gap.  Be sure you fold it so the gap is facing out.  Now it looks like an even smaller triangle.  Don't give up,  you are almost there!

8.  Now just set it up like this.  First photo is how it should look from the front.  Second photo is how it looks from the behind.

Told you it was disgustingly easy to do.  

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