Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gardening Fun

I have everything just about ready for my garden this year.  The first thing I had to do is get permission from out landlord.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to live my homesteading and self sufficient life when I rent?? Someday...a little plot of land to call my own will be here.  :)

Once we had her permission to put some raised beds in the back yard I got busy.  Well, hubby and the teen boys got busy hehe.  I supervised.  We already had one bed built using Mel Bartholomew's Square Foot Gardening method.  We made 5 more beds 4ftx4ft for a total of 6 beds and a total of 96 square feet of growing room.  It's not a lot but with this type of gardening you plant much closer than in row gardens.

I don't know if you remember but the one bed we had we planted an experimental winter garden as our area rarely sees more than 1 or 2 frosts a year.  Nothing really made it except the two hybrid tomatoes I planted.  We had a few tomatoes over the winter but nothing to write home about.  Right now though, they both have quite a few fruits growing on them and it's just now April!  Nice to have such an early start and harvest.  

I started most of my seeds in Feb and have them in the greenhouse growing their little hearts out.  I started more than what I would need in case some didn't make, thank goodness I did that because of the 'Greenhouse Fiasco of 2013' in which the wind picked up and blew the greenhouse over and destroyed about 3/4 of my seedlings.  I still have more than I will use but I was going to sell the rest of those buggers.

Anyway, here is my video of my second tour.  I was playing with some editing software and had fun with that but I definitely need more practice.  Please like and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can get updates.  Also, please like us at https://www.facebook.com/ThePreppingPrincess.